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What is BakeKit?

BakeKit gives the occasional baker just the right ingredients for a great experience with delicious results, eliminating the rest. As a BakeKit member, you get unique, chef-created, novice-approved recipes; fresh, pre-portioned ingredients; step-by-step instructions; and at-your-door delivery. We spare you the search for a recipe that will impress your guests, hosts, or family but won't require a chef's kitchen or a day of prep time; hours browsing store aisles for the right ingredients; and the inevitable waste of left over ingredients.

 It’s a simple proposition:

  1. You join.
  2. We measure.
  3. You bake.

The Back Story

BakeKit was born from one question: Why do I have all this stuff taking up space in my kitchen?

While packing up one space-challenged kitchen in the New York area in preparation of moving to another, slightly larger one, I encountered a giant bottle of molasses with two tablespoons used, a small bottle of karo syrup with a teaspoon or two missing, several barely touched bags of brown sugar and chocolate morsels in a variety of darknesses. And that was just the beginning.

How had I acquired all of these ingredients? Vague memories of that pie I made for a dinner party, the attempt to recreate my grandmother's cookies (a failed experiment), that other thing that looked so easy when Martha did it, that cake for the office pot luck... These were the remnants.

When do these expire? Will I make that pie again? Where did I get that recipe anyway? Is it worth moving these things? But what a waste to throw them away...

Faced with this moral dilemma, I thought, other people must have this problem, and, there has to be a better way.

BakeKit, the world's first waste-not bake shop, aspires to be the better way. We hope you'll agree.

Why BakeKit?

BakeKit is your waste-not bake shop. What exactly are we "wasting not"?

Time, for one. Whether you scour the internet, search cookbooks, or survey friends, finding the perfect recipe takes time. You want something unique that you can't get from a boxed mix, yet doesn't require special tools or equipment, a ton of prep time, or an unruly ingredient list. Then traveling aisle after aisle in the grocery store for check off the list takes more time, never mind visits to multiple shops if you need specialty items. 

Two, BakeKit reduces excess ingredients. Why buy a pound or larger bag of flour or sugar, when all you need is a cup or so? Okay, so you might use flour or sugar for lots of things. But what about a 16-ounce bottle of molasses when all you need is an ounce, or a whole can of cocoa powder when the recipe calls for a teaspoon? What's the shelf life of that stuff anyway, and is that really how you want to use your likely-limited kitchen storage space?

Last but not least, there's the money matter. Maybe it's not break-the-bank kind of money, but, logically, if you could purchase the exact amounts required by the recipe rather than full-size quantities, you'd save money. By pre-portioning the ingredients and sending only what you need, BakeKit reduces the per-recipe waste from your wallet as well.  See this month's kit here.

The BakeKit Promise

BakeKit key brand principle is: Do More. Waste Less. With that in mind, here are a few commitments we make to BakeKitters. 

  • Unique, chef-created recipes only. If you can get it out of a boxed mix, you won't get it from BakeKit.
  • Flavor exploration. Every recipe includes a little something unexpected, such as a globally inspired spice or a surprising flavor combination, empowering you and your tastebuds to explore and discover new and wonderful things.
  • No special equipment required. Recipes will not require BakeKitters to have anything an everyday kitchen wouldn't have. We'll also offer helpful tips and work-arounds (no whisk? use a fork! No mixing bowl? Use the largest boiling pot you have!). And if we think a recipe is so great that it's worth the tool required, your BakeKit will include that tool.
  •  Almost everything is in the Kit. We'll include dry, non-refrigerated, and canned items. For freshness, you'll supply the refrigerated items: eggs, milk, butter.
  • Caring for the environment. Because BakeKit believes in reducing your baking footprint, we use recycled/recyclable packaging whenever available and hope that you will also take to care to reuse and recycle.
  •  Dietary requests. For now, BakeKit is supplying standard baking ingredients, but very soon, we hope to expand to gluten-free, low-sugar, vegan, organic and other dietary options. Please let us know if you'd prefer these options so we can offer this sooner rather than later!