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When will I receive my BakeKit each month?

For freshness, BakeKit ingredients are packaged and shipped once a month. Order receive in the beginning of the month will be fulfilled the same month. Order received later in the month will be shipped the following month. We keep key holidays and entertaining times in mind and aim to get your BakeKit to you in time to bake for the occasion. If you need your BakeKit to arrive on a particular date, please include that in the notes of your order and we'll do our best to make it happen!


Where do the BakeKit recipes come from?

From our chef, of course! With think there are two secret ingredients to a great BakeKit experience: discovering something new that you'll love and eliminating product waste and storage. The BakeKit's Chef Menchaca carefully creates recipes with unique, grown-up taste profiles that take taste buds on a journey, while keeping in mind the ease of preparation and the presentation. After all, you want to impress your guests and yourself with your homemade creation.


Can I give the gift of BakeKit?

BakeKit makes a fantastic gift! Give one Kit or gift a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription. Simply provide the recipients mailing address but use your billing details, and your lucky recipient will receive the BakeKit. Include a note with your order if you'd like us to include a special gift card or message.


Will my BakeKit include everything I need?

BakeKit includes all the dry and non-perishable ingredients you need, pre-portioned and labeled step by step. You will only need to provide milk, eggs and butter, if the recipe calls for those ingredients. We post that in advance here, so you can be all set to bake when your BakeKit arrives.


What if something happens to my BakeKit in the mail?

If your BakeKit is for any reason damaged in transit or arrives less than perfect, email us immediately at and we will replace the damaged items or the entire kit.


Can I hold or cancel my subscription?

Yes. We understand that change is the only constant. Should your schedule change, just let us know and we'll put your subscription on hold for a month. You can skip the month or receive two BakeKits the following the month. We wouldn't want you to miss a tasty treat! And if you have to cancel - though we can't imagine why you'd want to - just sign in to your account to cancel, send us an email for help: 


What are people saying about BakeKit?

They like it! They really like it! Baking can be intimidating, but we hear that BakeKitters have enjoyed the easy, step-by-step recipes, cooking with their kids, serving the tasty treats to family and friends and discovering something new and unexpected each month. Read more here.


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