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"Thanksgiving" Quiche

Inspired by the countdown to Thanksgiving and the grocery store end caps that have all the fixings easily within reach, we decided to experiment. Introducing the "Thanksgiving" quiche: a regular egg quiche recipe (eggs, milk, salt, pepper) filled with stuffing, turkey bacon, and a few cranberries on top for a touch of sweet to complement the savory. Pairing it with a healthy side of steamed greens, and dinner is served!

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Putting the Art in the Science of Baking

It's an age-old debate: is baking an art or a science, or both? While there's plenty of room for creativity, there's no escaping the science of it. There is plenty of opportunity to experiment, substitute and get creative in cooking meal-time food. Even recipes tend to be a little less exact with directions like "add to taste." In baking, however, a slight change in measurement can lead to a drastically different outcome. Make no mistake, that ingredient in that amount is in the pastry recipe for a reason. A good one. The ingredients are part of the chemistry. Baking soda causes...

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Happy National Chocolate Day!

In celebration of National Chocolate Day, here are a few fun facts and reasons to love nature's clever treat, as if you needed one. Health Benefits Studies show a variety of health benefits of cocoa, including reducing cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease, with as little as 4 ounces of dark chocolate daily. It may also boost enzymes in the brain that affect happiness and relaxation. Read more here. While the overly processed, sugary varieties may have limitations to the benefits, the bean as nature provides it has even been called a superfood! History Chocolate originated in pre-Olmec Mesoamerica, and the first...

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Savoring the Season: first fall recipes are here!

The first BakeKit recipes have arrived, thanks to Chef Menchaca. They are appropriately themed for the season with autumn's most popular flavors, and the secret ingredients give them an extra special touch that sets them apart from similar recipes I've tasted. Sure to impress! Heating up the test kitchen now!       Photo: © Gruener

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