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Tasty New Year Traditions

Grapes, yellow underwear, a jaunt around the block with a suitcase, and sweeping away evil spirits sound like a fine enough way to ring in the new year, but we think some of the food traditions and superstitions are a much tastier way to go! Here is a short list of culinary customs that will bring you good taste, if not luck, in the new year!


Cakes, especially round or ring shaped ones, are considered good luck in many countries around the world. The ring perhaps represents a new cycle, and some include a gold coin or a small plastic baby figurine with a special meaning for the person who gets the slice with the object in it. Here's what The Food Network has to say about Mexico's Rosca de Reyes specialty.



Grapes are another good luck food, according to many cultures. Some suggest each 12 grapes at midnight, one for each month, while others throw in a 13th grape for good measure. For a fancier take on the tradition, try this grape terrine recipe from Good Housekeeping that we like.


 Pig Out

While some cultures praise pork as a new year's good luck food, in Germany, sweet little marzipan pigs are the way to go. 


Golden Foods

Some believe that golden-hued foods, like corn and honey, are the secret to wealth in the new year. Not to say we're superstitious, but why not go for a double dose this month? January's BakeKit recipe is a truly one-of-a-kind Lucky Honey Kettle Corn Cake. Inspired by a combination of some of our favorite down-home delicious foods - cornbread and kettle popcorn - this delicately sweet, crumbly cake is perfect for any winter day or a nice complement to a game-day gathering if you're in Super Bowl mode.


Wishing you all the best for a very happy, healthy and tasty year of new new discoveries!


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