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Putting the Art in the Science of Baking

It's an age-old debate: is baking an art or a science, or both?

While there's plenty of room for creativity, there's no escaping the science of it. There is plenty of opportunity to experiment, substitute and get creative in cooking meal-time food. Even recipes tend to be a little less exact with directions like "add to taste." In baking, however, a slight change in measurement can lead to a drastically different outcome. Make no mistake, that ingredient in that amount is in the pastry recipe for a reason. A good one.

The ingredients are part of the chemistry. Baking soda causes batter to rise by creating carbon dioxide bubbles that result in fluffy baked goods. Sugar not only adds sweetness, but also contributes moisture. Eggs and flour both add structure to the final product, even though one starts as a liquid and the other as a powder. Go figure. 

All that said, we at BakeKit respect the science and believe there is room for creativity, too. Interesting flavor combinations can create surprising outcomes, even if there is an exactness to the measurements of them. Also, who says the process itself can't be the "art" of it? Once you have your ingredients measured and ready to go (which we do for you in each and every BakeKit), roll up your sleeves and dig in! Get your hands into it (wash them first, of course), don't worry about the splatter. Finger-paint the oil on to grease the pan. And don't let the equipment (or lack there of) intimidate you. We say, get creative about how you get to the end result. Don't have a whisk? Use a fork, and put some muscle in it. Use a boiling pot to substitute a mixing bowl. No muffin pan or ramekin? Coffee mugs often work just fine in the oven (make sure it's the oven safe kind first). And the top of a drinking glass can make a great cookie cutter.

The list could go on, but you get the idea. Bring your creative flair to the process and to the presentation. With the easy-to-follow recipes and pre-portioned ingredients, BakeKit frees you to fearlessly have fun making a tasty indulgence. 

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