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We Measure. You Bake.

It's that simple. BakeKit is your DIY dessert kit with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to a chef-created, novice-approved recipe. Delivered to your door monthly. No search for specialty items. No waste of excess products. Simple. Isn't life sweet?



Re-Define Dessert "from a box"

So what's the BakeKit difference?

  • Unique, chef-created recipes only. If you can get it out of a boxed mix from a grocery store shelf, you won't get it from BakeKit.
  • Flavor exploration. This is dessert all grown up. Every recipe includes a little something unexpected, such as a globally inspired spice or a surprising flavor combination, empowering you and your tastebuds to explore and discover new and wonderful things.
  • No special equipment required. Recipes will not require BakeKitters to have anything an everyday kitchen wouldn't have. And if we think a recipe is so great that it's worth the tool required, your BakeKit will include that tool.
  •  Almost everything is in the Kit. We'll include dry, non-refrigerated, and canned items. For freshness, you'll supply the refrigerated items: eggs, milk, butter.
  • Reducing waste. Pre-portioned ingredients means no waste and exact measures every time. And because BakeKit believes in reducing your baking footprint, we use recycled/recyclable packaging whenever available and hope that you will also take to care to reuse and recycle.
  • DIY. With BakeKit, you can proudly say, "I made it myself." And only you will know how easy it was! 

Inside a BakeKit 

The Recipe          An easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe card 

The Ingredients   Pre-portioned and clearly labeled 


The Packaging     The BakeKit, ready for delivery 

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