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We Measure. You Bake.


BakeKit is taking a short break to make some improvements. We'll be baked and ready to serve again just in time for the holidays. Set the timer and check back soon!


It's that simple. BakeKit is your DIY dessert kit with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to a chef-created, novice-approved recipe. Delivered to your door monthly. Made with the infrequent baker in mind, BakeKit delivers only what you need, so you don't waste excess products. There's no search for an easy-to-make, yet delicious, recipe and no hunt for specialty items. Simple. Isn't life sweet?



Re-Define Dessert "from a box"

So what's the BakeKit difference?

  • Non-baker approved. BakeKit was created especially for people who don't bake often. In other words, if your oven is used more often for storage than for cooking, BakeKit is for you. 'Cause everyone needs a little something extra from time to time, but not everyone needs a 5 lb. bag of flour!
  • Unique, chef-created recipes only. If you can get it out of a boxed mix from a grocery store shelf, you won't get it from BakeKit.
  • Flavor exploration. This is dessert all grown up. Every recipe includes a little something unexpected, such as a globally inspired spice or a surprising flavor combination, empowering you and your tastebuds to explore and discover new and wonderful things.
  • No special equipment required. Recipes will not require BakeKitters to have anything an everyday kitchen wouldn't have. And if we think a recipe is so great that it's worth the tool required, your BakeKit will include that tool.
  •  Almost everything is in the Kit. We'll include dry, non-refrigerated, and canned items. For freshness, you'll supply the refrigerated items: eggs, milk, butter.
  • Reducing waste. Pre-portioned ingredients means no waste and exact measures every time. And because BakeKit believes in reducing your baking footprint, we use recycled/recyclable packaging whenever available and hope that you will also take to care to reuse and recycle.
  • DIY. With BakeKit, you can proudly say, "I made it myself." And only you will know how easy it was! 

Inside a BakeKit 

The Recipe          An easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe card 

The Ingredients   Pre-portioned and clearly labeled 


The Packaging     The BakeKit, ready for delivery 

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